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Empowering Minds. Breaking Barriers. Building Relationships. 

Get to know our fearless CEO and the amazing counselors behind Empowering Minds Care and Counseling. We are here to help you break barriers and build relationships. Don't wait, work with us today and figure out which counselor is best for you!


Here at EMCC, we value your experience and we value making sure that you are being supported by an experienced professional that will help empower you through your journey with us. We are here to elevate you and see you through your spiritual and mental journey.


EMCC has some of the best certified professionals in the field. Not only is EMCC filled with certified individuals that are dedicated to helping clients break barriers, but we are here to help you overcome the challenges you face with next level care.


Supporting our clients through their mental and spiritual journey is a huge part of the EMCC Culture. We are dedicated to uplifting and elevating our clients and supporting their experience and concerns throughout the entire process.

About Us

Founded by board certified counselor and ordained minister, Faith Richardson has created an esteemed counseling practice that is dedicated to empowering minds, providing clients with the ultimate experience and the utmost support to help them successfully navigate their way through their mental and spiritual journey.

Empowering Minds Care and Counseling is dedicated to uplifting individuals who are lacking the necessary support and empowerment that they need to succeed. We help patients address the concerns that they have been unable to break barriers through. Focusing on concerns of grief, loss, stress, chronic and terminal illness, veteran needs, spirituality, women's issues, life transitions, and family dynamics, we help patients unlock their potential with our top of the line therapists.

Meet the Team

Meet the empowering minds behind EMCC! Scroll to view more information about a specific team member.

Faith Richardson

Certified Therapist, Addiction Counselor & Certified Chaplain


EMCC's Founder, Faith Richardson is no stranger to the world of ministry and life of a certified counselor. As an alum counseling professional, Faith has been helping people unlock their potential and work to reach their personal and spiritual goals as a counselor and minister for over a decade. Learn how Faith can help empower your or your family today. 

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