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What is the Purpose of Pastoral Counseling and Biblical Counseling?

Pastoral counseling integrates faith, spirituality, and theology in the therapeutic process. Pastoral counselors believe that spiritual exploration can promote wholeness, healing, and growth in those who are seeking help. Pastoral counseling can oftentimes be referred to as spiritual counseling in that it uses spirituality in the therapeutic process and can be used by any person because we all are spiritual beings having human experiences.  Biblical counseling is like pastoral counseling in that it utilizes faith, spirituality, and theology to help with healing and wellness. However, the biblical counselor applies scripture from the Bible to help people see God’s plan for their lives and help them to walk in God’s Spirit in life matters. Biblical counseling is rooted in God’s word and is helpful in the sanctification process of God’s people.

What is Pastoral Care?

Pastoral care is the ministries and services performed by a pastor or member of clergy. Some of these services include visiting the sick, discipling others, performing funerals/memorials, officiating weddings, baptisms, and dedications.

Benefits of Pastoral Counseling

Pastoral counseling is considered a versatile profession because those that are in the field are professionally trained in mental health counseling as well as in theology. Pastoral counselors are equipped to provide spiritual guidance from a faith-based perspective. Biblical counseling will help the counselee apply Biblical truth to their situation with the goal of transformation in Christlikeness.

Professional and Affordable Biblical Counseling

Most pastoral counselors and biblical counselors have the same rates as mental health counselors. Many utilize a sliding scale fee to make these services affordable to the public. At Empowering Minds, our prices are below average so that the spiritual counseling needs can be addressed by those who come to us for help.

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