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What Do Mental Health Counselors Do?

Mental health counselors are medical professionals who provide guidance and help people achieve emotional wellness.

How Do I Find a Good Counselor?

You can find a good counselor through several outlets. You can use word of mouth- asking family members and friends about counselors they may know and us; visiting credible sites such as Psychology Today; asking a trusted professional such as physician- oftentimes, family practitioners have to refer to patients to counselors when emotional and mental health 

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concerns are presented; getting a referral from a known therapist; doing a Google search.  Always ensure that the counselor has completed their educational requirements and state licensure requirements in order to practice independently.

How Mental Health Counseling Will Change Your Life

Mental health counseling will significantly change your life by helping you manage stress, redirect unhealthy thinking patterns, and setting healthy goals. You will learn to better manage current conditions and modify behaviors for improved results.

Professional and Affordable Counseling

Counseling is considered professional when the counselor has met the educational standards of the field and has achieved licensure to practice in their state. Moreover, the counselor should operate in their scope of training. For example, some counselors have training and experience in substance abuse, or trauma, or marriage and family. If there has not been training, knowledge, and experience in that area, the counselor should refer to someone who has more experience in that area until they are competent in that area.


Affordable counseling is counseling that can be obtained by the average individual in that community. The average cost of counseling is between $120-150. That price is increased depending on how close you are to a metropolitan area. Empowering Minds seeks to provide professional counseling that falls below the average price in order to meet the needs of those desiring excellent counseling services.

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