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Get It Together

When you are in a jam, it is difficult to receive honest feedback. We want to pitch a fit or tell a whoa-is-me tell. Yet, in reality, we have the power to change our situations and circumstances. We do not always have to be the victim. Once we begin to change our outlook on life, then we can take the necessary steps to reach wholeness and vitality. I refuse to blame another person for the challenges in my life. Instead, I will exercise the authority that I possess from within and start changing the things that I can change. I believe that is why I am so fond of the serenity prayer. I often ask my patients to say it because it gives a different perspective on life. Things happen! And it sucks! But let's not stay stuck. Accept the the things you cannot change. Have the courage to change the things that you can and have the wisdom to know the difference. When I tell clients to get it together, it is not to play down what they have gone through in life. It is, however, my desire to push forth the strength within them to take charge of their lives. So for those who are reading this post, "Get it together!" You are more than your circumstances. You are beautiful and intelligent beings gifted by the Creator to take charge.

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